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Withdrawal Procedure

Submitting Requests for Funds Withdrawal

Clients can submit requests for funds withdrawal by:

1. Calling our Finance Hotline;
2. Visiting our official website and submit a completed “Online Withdrawal Application”;
3. Visiting our official website, download, fill out and sign the “Account Withdrawal Application Form”
and then submit via facsimile or e-mail;
4. Submit withdrawal requests using the methods as aforesaid through their respective Introducing Brokers.

Once our Customer Service staff has verified the identity of the client and confirmed the availability of funds in the trading account, we will deduct the balance from the trading account and our Finance Department will arrange for the funds transfer to the bank account furnished by the client upon opening the trading account.

Handling Charge for Deposit

A handling charge, equivalent to 3% of the amount deposited, will be charged by the internet payment gateway provider towards client's deposit made through their payment gateway and tentatively absorbed by Chancellor. Upon receiving client's request for withdrawal, this handling charge may be waived on condition that the client has fulfilled the requirement for trading volume achieved.

The requirement for trading volume achieved is one liquidated standard contract for every US$1,000.00 deposited via the internet payment gateway. For example, if the deposit made is US$10,000.00, then the required trading volume achieved would be 10 liquidated standard contracts. If the requirement for trading volume is not achieved when the client makes a withdrawal request, Chancellor may deduct the original handling charge from the amount withdrawn before making payment to the client.

About Withdrawal Requests for Small Sum

For clients submitting funds withdrawal requests for small sum (less than US$50.00), the company may impose a handling charge of US$5.00

Processing Requests for Funds Withdrawal

Requests for funds withdrawal may be submitted at any time. However, our Finance Department’s withdrawal processing time is on or before 01:00pm each working day. All requests received outside of the processing period will be processed on the next following day.

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