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Chancellor Precious Metals

Chancellor Precious Metals Limited

Chancellor Precious Metals Limited was first incorporated in 2008 in the Hong Kong Special Administration Region of the People’s Republic of China. In the same year, the company successfully became a member of the Hong Kong Gold and Silver Exchange Society (Member No. 064 with an “AA” operations status). In 2009, the company was accredited by the CGSE as the 3rd Electronic Loco London Gold and Silver Liquidity Provider, and in 2011, the company became the first Liquidity Provider for electronic traded Renminbi Kilo Gold bar. In response to changes in the market structure, the Management has decided to cease its services as Liquidity Provider for electronic traded Loco London Gold and Silver as well as Renminbi Kilo Gold Bar as from September 2018.

Our Mission

· To provide clients with a stable and reliable trading environment and trading platform.

· To provide clients with multilingual support services and to assist them in seeking investment gains.

· To provide clients with competitive spreads and financial investment brokerage services with low transaction costs.

Our Principle

· Establish a good image in the industry, be innovative, keep expanding our knowledge base, and maintain harmonious communication with clients.

· Provide customers with timely, accurate and sound investment information in professional manner.

·Prioritize the interests of clients. Gain customer trust and confidence by serving clients with integrity and by providing reliable and professional services.

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